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Flexibility-identify the "nudges"

Whenever we start our journey of creating a valuable enterprise, some of us end up creating something wonderful and some of us don't. To me one of the most important differences between about people who do create value is flexibility.
In my own experience whenever, I have started a new segment in my company, I have always started with a broad/blurred vision and then gradually worked on microscopic details. And often end product was not what I had or could have imagined in the beginning. Some of us make the mistake of visualizing the end product too soon and become the prisoner of our own prejudice.
Path to success is not a rigid path, on the way you get soft nudges guiding you to your path of glory, but if you are too rigid, you may not benefit from them. Nudges may come from your employees, your consumers, social media inputs or even a family member. Sometimes things which are plainly obvious to people around the entrepreneur, may be hitting his blind spot. So the golden rule is to start with broad plan of action, be receptive to people around you, encourage a culture of transparency, identify the valuable “signs” or “soft nudges” gentling sculpting your initial thought/idea into a beautiful end product.

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