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Bird Eye’s View to your Rescue

Sometimes things which are obvious to everybody else;  are opaque to the person affected.  Common sense is so uncommon at times or probably most of times.   When faced with a road block and no win situation, just stand back, look at things from a distance and from an outsider’s perspective. Talk to people and they will tell you common sense.  Don’t ask for advice just talk.Try to see things from a different perspective and they probably may not look as complex.

Similar thing happens in Radiology, there are times I see Junior residents looking at an CXR too closely and missing the obvious or seeing what is not there. All I do is pull them back and ask them to first have a bird eye’s view and then focus eye on pathology. I think same applies to all physicians, look at the problem in broad way and then narrow down.  When we know the trick for medicine, why not apply in day to day life.  Problems or roadblocks are easily solvable when looked at by outsider’s perspective, while involved people lose sight.

Imagine the mountain, will you see it clearly while climbing up or from a distance.
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