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Retirement at 40 myth

This is something I have heard a lot of people/Doctors say, "we will work till 40 and then enjoy." Sounds interesting, but is it really true. Do you think life comes with guaranteed years? We sacrifice our “present” for uncertain, yet to revealed future. Moreover, what if we retire at 40 years of age, it would be so boring. Life is not about overworking nor about retiring. Life is about enjoying what you do and balancing the life-work-family balance. Life is about evolving your roles with time and enjoy your role in scheme of things in each phase of life.

Years back i used to believe that a perfect job would be no work and good money and paradoxically when i finally found a job like this, I resigned in 2 months. Management asked me why do you want to leave, we will increase your salary and incentives, still i couldn't get myself challenged enough to continue. Gradually i realized that it was not work that was pulling my down, rather i needed to be working for myself, my ideas, and i needed creative freedom and finally left my job, but not to be free from work, but to work even harder with a new found passion and energy.

It is not about retiring one day, it is not about finally living some day. It is about living each day.

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