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"What if it's all a lie"- Perspective

There are people who believe everything they hear or read in school or newspapers or television. Do you realize history is written by winners or on directions of the winners; not by independent observers. Think about our entire history books which you mug up assuming everything to be factual, think of them from a different perspective. In my visit to London last year, our British guide was describing the achievements of British with pride and when i told her that we actually think negatively about their era, she was genuinely surprised and wanted to know how our history books describe their era. Now think back ages before do we actually know how our past was, who was right , and who was shown right by paid historians. Think about religion, how are you sure that the translators didn't add their interpretations to our religious texts. 

Atleast now we are living in a unique generation where history is being recorded parallel by authorities and people both on internet. This is the power of the web today. Lets hope for a better history with both perspectives discussed in future....
"What if it's all a lie"- Perspective Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Monday, May 19, 2014 Rating: 5

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