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Leap of faith

What kind of person are you? Are you a typical cynical person who believes everything is wrong, everyone is corrupt? Or you are trusting variety. And who do you think is more likely to succeed, the cynic or the one with faith. You will surprised to know more successful people are the one who trust others. One example which I often quote to people about small time business operators in India: most people in India work like a boy selling water bottle to person in a bus, bus starts moving; the boy doesn’t leave the bottle as he is not sure if he will get the money or not and man doesn’t leave the 10 rupee note as he is afraid of his money, while actually speaking risk of transaction not happening were very less and if one of them had taken the leap of faith the process would have culminated in value earning for both parties.
What I am saying is total opposite of what your parents will say, everybody will tell you to hold on, not to trust, while people who have faith in others are the ones who are taking chances and are the ones who are building teams. In other words successful people are more likely to take the leap of faith, and get the process moving forward, while the cynics they stop progress from happening. May be it has a subconscious element of judging when to take the leap, but usually your heart in a blink knows the truth and if the feeling is right, you should take the leap. Be it work, relationship, employment, hiring, new ventures-my mantra is simple-- understand, hear your gut feeling and if the feeling is right take the leap of faith.
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