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Let’s not kill the innovation& skepticism

 Who are the people who make a difference to this world? Do you think people who are ok with what is happening, who believe everything told (or fed) to them and take it as truth; are the important ones? I would place my bet on the other kind. The odd skeptic, one who begs to differ and wants to ask the question.  Who disagrees with the norm  and seeks reason before making his opinion. I believe we need thick skinned innovators and curious people in all streams to answer more questions. If we look back in history every discovery, every big idea and every big business was somewhere built out of someone’s desire to not agree to what is being taken as truth or norm.  I have a feeling our education system somewhere rewards the “straight line fellows” and kind of snubs the skeptics/questioning people.    There ought to be revolutionary change in education system which respects people with questioning mind because they will make the future different from present and bring new revolutionary answers. In my own experience when we added Sky (Satellite) based initiative to our classroom network in DAMS, some people were skeptical, they said video conferencing doesnt work and now with 50plus centres already it has brought classes to places where such facilities were unheard of. 

Let’s not be closed, there is no final answer, there is no perfect truth, keep the curiosity alive.  Things which were thought as impossible once upon a time are now day to day use items. They came into existence because someone questioned and someone was not happy with status quo.

Let’s not kill the innovation& skepticism Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Monday, May 12, 2014 Rating: 5

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