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uro-radiology quiz

Which of the following is not non ionic contrast for IVP :
a) Metrizamide b) Iopamidol c) Iohexol d) Iothalamate

Retrograde Pyelography is most useful investigation in :
a) Non visualization of kidney in IVP b) In all cases of hydronephrosisc) Horse shoe kidney d) Ectopic kidney

For posterior urethral valve, investigation of choice is :a) RGU b) MCU c) CT scan d) Ultrasound

To differentiate between gall stone and renal stone which of the following is true about Xray :
a) Triradiate sign is seen in renal stone & not in gall stones
b) Renal stone is placed more laterally than gall stones
c) In lateral view of Xray , renal stone overlies the vertebra while gall stones are anterior to vertebra
d) Renal stone is in relation to L2 - L4 while gall stone is at L1
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