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  1. MR cholangiopancreatography is noninvasive and safe, because it does not require anesthesia or injection of intraductal or intravenous contrast agent. On current MR imaging systems high-quality images can be obtained consistently. 
  2. MRCP is useful in patients after incomplete or unsuccessful ERCP In some patients, such as those who have undergone surgery with biliary enteric anastomosis or Billroth II, it may not be possible to perform ERCP, so MRCP is the modality of choice to evaluate these postsurgical patients.
  3. Unlike ERCP, MRCP produces images of the ducts in their natural state, because it does not involve distention of the ducts by injected contrast medium. ERCP cannot evaluate extraductal structures directly, whereas MRCP can be combined with conventional MR imaging for the evaluation of extraductal disease, such as tumors. 
  4. ERCP has advantages over MRCP, which include direct therapeutic interventional procedures that may be performed concurrent with diagnostic imaging. 
  5. ERCP is generally a safe procedure, but still associated with nonnegligible morbidity and mortality rates. Also, technical failures occur in up to 10% of cases because of unsuccessful cannulation of the common bile duct (CBD) or pancreatic duc. In some institutions MRCP is gradually replacing ERCP as a primary diagnostic imaging modality to evaluate the biliary system and pancreatic duct.

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Anonymous said...

ERCP apperas to be replaced by MRCP as diagnostic modality
Virtual vholedovhoscopy makes it posiible to diagnose ontraluminal growths as in Choledochal cyst etc
MRCP due to non invasive character would sonn becone first inverstigation of choice in conjugated hyperbilirubinemia
MECP is definitely advantageous in earlt prgegfnancy with

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you
.. I realy have to say thanks .. this is the first time to know this information .. i'm medical student 4th year
so glad to know these stuff
thank you angian

drbnmahanta said...

Role of ERCP is fixed. Even Good quality MRCP use to miss lot of pancreatic calculi, so it can'not replace ERCP

DR B N Mahanta

drbnmahanta said...

MRCP even with good quality may mis pancreatic calculus.ERCP has its own advantages & disadvantages.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, good information

Unknown said...

ERCP is not better than MRCP. When you undergo ERCP, some side effects cause, such as Inflammation of the pancreas, perforation of pancreatic, bile ducts, bowl. MRCP also helps in diagnosing unexplained abdominal pain.

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