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opinion of a pg aspirant on review of radiology

A pg aspirants view on the radiology book
Sumer K Sethi
Pee Pee Publishers
ISBN 81-88867-14-4

Good things come in small packages. Review of Radiology is a book that lives up to this adage and more. Written in a student-friendly & comprehensive manner, it is intended for PG aspirants who have to cover a myriad of subjects in as short a time as a few months. Radiology (Radiodiagnosis and Radiotherapy ) forms a significant & easily-scored part of it, nonetheless one for no standard yet time-friendly book is available on the shelf. That is until now. This book has the unique quality of being all inclusive, yet in a manner that allows efficient utilization of time. It fits in the pocket of your coat and I have had the luxury of enjoying it between lunch breaks and travel times without once feeling burdened by it. The text is divided into apropos sections, including an extensive list of frequently asked MCQs from recent examinations at the end. Within a few hours, it gives you a feeling of one subject under your belt. It isn’t just packed with facts that overwork the rote memory, there are ad rem explanations & mnemonics that make retention easier. This book should soon become a favorite with exam-going students. Kudos to the author for aiding overburdened students to scale one hurdle with relative ease.

(Dr. Pakhee Aggarwal)
A pg aspirant
opinion of a pg aspirant on review of radiology Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Saturday, September 11, 2004 Rating: 5

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