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new radiology quiz

check these new qs mostly from recent PG entrance exams--

For the evaluation of blunt abdominal trauma which of the following imaging modalities is ideal:
a) Ultrasonography b) Computed tomography
c) Nuclear scintigraphy d) Magnetic resonance imaging

Angiographically, the typical beaded or “Pite of plates” appearance involving the internal carotid artery is observed in:
a) Takayu’s disease b) Non-specific aorto-arteritis
c) Fibromuscular dysplasia d) Rendu-Osler-Weber disease

The right lobe of the liver consists which of the following segments:
a) V, VI, VII and VIII b) IV, V, VI, VII and VIII
c) I, V, VI, VII and VIII d) I, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII

The investigation of choice for imaging of urinary tract tuberculosis is:
a) Plain x-ray b) Intravenous urography
c) Ultrasound d) Computed tomography

Which of the following usually produces osteoblastic secondaries:
a) CA lung b) CA breast c) CA UB d) CA Prostate

After contrast media injection in the radiology department, a pt develops severe hypotension, bronchospasm and cyanosis. Which one of the following drugs should be used for treatment:
a) Atropine b) Aminophylline
c) Dopamine d) Adrenaline

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