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Respiratory Quiz

Respiratory Quiz

A 25 years old man presents with cough , fever, expectoration and breathlessness of 2 months duration . CECT of chest shows bilateral upper lobe fibrotic lesions and mediastinal lymph nodes show enlarged necrotic nodes with peripheral rim enhancement. diagnosis is
a. Sarcoidosis b. Tuberculosis c. Lymphoma d. Silicosis

A 30 years old hiv positive patient presents with fever dyspnea, non-productive cough. pt is cyanosed. his chest x-ray reveals bilateral symmetrical interstitial infiltrates. diagnosis is
a. tuberculosis b. Pneumocystis c.toxoplasmosis d. cryptococcosis

The radiological signs of PTE are all except:
a. Melting sign b. Hampton’s hump c. Cut off sign
d. Westermark’s sign e. None
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