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radiology quiz

1) The earliest changes in thalassemia are seen in:
a) Phalanges b) Skull c) Pelvis d) Sternum

2) ‘Honey comb appearance’ lung is seen in which of the following neurocutaneous syndrome?
a) Von Reckling heusen’s disease b) Sturge weber syndrome
c) Tuberous sclerosis d) Von ippel lindau disease

3) In chest x-ray PA view, hilum is formed by following except:
a) Upper lobe vein b) Lower lobe vein
c) Proximal bronchii d) Pulmonary artery

4) ‘Candle wax’ appearance is seen in:
a) Osteogenesis imperfecta b) Melorheostosis
c) Diaphyseal dysplasia d) Exostosis

5) Flask shaped femora seen in all except:
a) Osteomalacia b) Osteopetrosis
c) Gaucher’s disease d) Thalasemia

6) Most radioresistant blood cell is:
a) Lymphocyte b) Neutrophil c) Platelets d) All are equal

7) Compound used in PET is:
a) Tc99 MDP b) I-131 seen c) 18 Flurodeoxy glucose d) All can be used

8) PET is a:
a) Anatomical scanning b) Functional scanning c) Both d) None

9) Half life of Tc99 is:
a) 6 hrs b) 8 hrs c) 10 hrs d) 12 hrs

10) “Continuous diaphragm” is seen in:
a) Pneumothorax b) Pleural effusion
c) Pneumo pericardium d) Pneumo mediastinum

11) CT Scan is useful in lesions of:
a) Optic N b) Trigeminal N c) Trochlear N d) Hypoglossal N

12) The commonest tumour with of metastasis to the small bones of hand is carcinoma of:
a) Breast b) Lungs c) Stomach d) Testis

13) The contrast agent used in contrast enhanced CT is:
a) Iodine b) DTPA c) Xenon d) Air

14) Radiological investigation in a female of reproductive age should be restricted to:
a) First 10 days of cycle b) Last 10 days
c) 10-20th days d) Period of menstruation
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