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Most common type of short limbed dwarfism; caused by defect in enchondral bone formation => shortening of tubular bones with normal shaft caliber hereditary: auto-dominant, > 90% sporadic x-ray features: short extremities and ribs v. trunk length "ball-in-socket" epiphyses pelvis: squared iliac wings and narrow sacrosciatic notch ("champagne glass") hands: fingers widely opposed and equal length ("trident hands") skull: enlarged vault and mandible, small f. magnum spine: narrow AP diameter with concave posterior surface and spinal canal only 1/2 normal depth decreased lumbar interpediculate distance hypoplastic ("bullet nose") T-L vertebrae

a very important spot for undergraduates, post graduates and also asked in a lot of entrance exams......
achondroplasia Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Sunday, September 19, 2004 Rating: 5

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