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Striatocapsular haemorrhage-MRI

13 yr old with movement disorders with history of hypoxia. MR shows bilateral, symmetrical linear altered  signal intensity with no restricted diffusion or blooming on susceptibility images. Possibly represents striatal haemorrhage sequelae in the external capsular area between lateral putamen and insular cortex. By Dr MGK Murthy, Mr Hamid and Dr Mukarab.

Teaching points

Striatocapsular haemorrhage is classfied by chung etal
type1-Anterior                                  in the region of artery of heubner
type2-Middle-                                   in the  region of medial lenticulostriatal  artery
type3-Posteromedial-                       in the region of Postero medial branches of  lateral lenticulostriatal artery
type4-Posterolateral-                        in the region of postero lateralbranches of lateral lentiuclostriate artery
type5-lateral-                                   Most lateral branches of lateral lenticulostriatal artery
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