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Radiology MCQs-Maharashtra Mch Exam

Q- Pseudo billroth sign is present in
ca stomach

The earliest radiographic sign in Crohn's disease is aphthous ulcers. The most common radiologic findings in gastroduodenal Crohn's disease are mucosal nodularity, or “cobblestoning,” thickened folds, and ulcerations. A pseudo-Billroth I appearance of involved antrum and proximal duodenum has been described. A rare but classic radiographic finding is the funnel-shaped deformity of diseased antrum and duodenal bulb, known as the “ram's horn” sign

Q-scimitar sign is present in
 1 ca rectum 
2 chordoma 
3 sacrococcgeal teratoma
 4 anterior meningocele

Anterior sacral meningocele is an unusual lesion that usually presents as a presacral mass. Radiography of the pelvis demonstrates a sacral deformity or “scimitar sign” that is pathognomonic for anterior sacral meningocele.

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