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MR Arthrography Shoulder

Teaching points 
Usually done under fluoroscopy /ultrasonography/CT guidance to avoid labral cartilage injury. By Dr MGK Murthy and Dr Sudheer Kunkunuru

·        Indications
1.   Primarily for Rotator cuff tear suspicion or evaluation
2.   Cartilage evaluation
3.   All the internal structures including glenohumeral ligaments

·        Technique

PreArthrography  Xray shoulder AP with external and internal rotation views to look for presence of hydroxyl apatite crystals/calcification (which could be confused with rotator cuff  tear producing contrast leak)

-Supine and external rotation
-Mark the joint lateral to humeral head cortex
-20 to 22gauge LP needle perpendicular to fluoroscopy beam. Testing the safe INJOINT position with local anaesthetic after aspiration to test for blood vessels
-Confirm position with iodinated  contrast
- Dilute gadolinium injected to the comfort level usually
10 to 16 ml (Cocktail made of 0.1 ml Gadolinium+10ml Iohexol+10ml 0.9%saline+0.3ml of epinephrine of 1:1000 in 20 ml syringe )
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