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Acquired cystic kidney disease

End stage renal disease on dialysis for 10 years with ultrasonography showing multiple renal cysts. The MR urogram shows multiple cysts of varying sizes involving both kidneys with normal pelvicalyceal system with no splaying and normal kidney sizes. All the cysts fall into Bosnaik type-I or type-II and hence are possibly to be ignored. Acquired cystic kidney disease ( ACKD) is frequent finding in patients long term dialysis. Case by Dr MGK Murthy and Mr Hamid

Teaching points :-
1)      Criteria for ACKD
-        Presence of atleast 1 to 5 kidneys cyst
-        Pathologically an extension to the cyst more than 25% of the renal parenchyma.

 2)      Usually ESRD kidneys are small in size. However normal to enlarged kidneys in ESRD are known to occur in specific causes.
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