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Is it a segond's fracture?

Tibial plateau on lateral  aspect shows subtle ill definition and distal tibia below the plateau is unremarkable  with no definite avulsion fragment  away from the bone even on tunnel view (superior to AP view) and hence it is possibly normal gerdy tubercle and does not represent segond’s fracture, however, if clinically relevant  MRI would help exclude segond’s and associated injuries. Case submitted by –Dr MGK Murthy. 

 Teaching points 
Lateral tibial avulsion fracture is referred to as segonds fracture ( eponym being named after Dr Paul Segond).  Originally thought to be a result of avulsion of the medial third of the lateral collateral ligament, more recent research suggests that the insertion of the iliotibial tract (ITT) and the anterior oblique band (AOB), a ligamentous attachment of the fibular collateral ligament to the midportion of the lateral tibia, also play an important role. Associations   ACL tear(75 to 100%), any of the meniscus(66 to 70%), avulsion of the  fibular head  fracture, avulsion of gerdy tubercle. Avulsion fracture of medial collateral ligament associated with   PCL and medial meniscus injuries is referred to as reverse segond’s fracture
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