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Taking the “call”

Many people talk of leadership qualities and CEO traits, but i feel most important thing in a “leader” is taking the “call”. There are organizations in India both government and private where no one seems to decide, they just pass the files and avoid taking decision. It is a personality trait which I call “ball” passing. The reason behind this is probably trying to share responsibility. If you pass the file 15times, atleast 15 people will share the responsibility of the final decision but my question is will remain relevant at all at that time. There are times when passing the ball finally is not the option and you have to take the stand. Great people and great organizations decide and take the “call”. Leaders stand out from others as somehow they are able to decide on blurred picture and they are ready to put their neck out for the consequences. It may work or may prove wrong, agreed but atleast things move forward. This is my firm belief if people learn to take call, they evolve in personal relationships as well. When you are child you can get away with people deciding on your behalf but when you grow up, decision making starts. Just remember-postponing will not kill our problem, facing it will” 
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