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No Regrets

What do you think affects us more failure or regret? Regret is more painful I believe. Tiny little regret that you feel when you didn't do what you should have done just because you were afraid of losing, afraid of appearing stupid and afraid of being vulnerable.
Initially I used to be afraid of failure and often didn't do things I believed in and instead of approaching things in my heart's way , I would always try to be rational and appear logical. Then, when you see someone doing what you wanted to do, you regret. That is more painful than losing. Idea of life, exams, business and relationships is simple , you somehow need to gather courage to follow your dream and do things that you really want to do with all passion and energy you can put in. You may lose or you may win in the end, but if you have done all you could you will reach the stage of no regrets and be at peace with yourself. You will be wiser with experience and more options will open up. Probably that is the sportsmen spirit as well, you want to win every game, when you play you play to win, you play as if life depends on the game but if you lose, there are no regrets as played with all you had. If allows regrets to accumulate you become someone whom you don't want to be , someone who lived his life being safe and full of self pity.
I do ask myself this question over all decisions, will I regret not doing this , if yes then let's take a chance. I may still lose but atleast I will have no regrets. Trust me these are most relevant two words you would want to write on the last page of your autobiography ...
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