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“I am Bored” leads to creativity

This is what I learnt about me. I was not the creative kinds in school, trust me I was the studious kinds wanting to win, become a Doctor, and was preoccupied with Test Prep. Similar thing happened in college with pressure of getting a good subject in specialization. I became creative when I got time and when I was not hard pressed for goals and I had time for myself. Thinking backwards in life, I am forced to think whenever I got bored of doing what I was doing, I found my creative side to do something interesting. Same thing I notice in my two and half year old son, whatever toys you may get for him, he will get bored and find his own entertainment. So here is my recommendation to entire schooling processes, maybe we are all making the kids too busy in their curriculum and competitions, that they don’t get time to express their creativity and innovative skills which now have been proved to be much more valuable and positive skills in the today’s world. 

Let them get bored of routine and they will create the new & exciting future.
“I am Bored” leads to creativity Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Tuesday, June 03, 2014 Rating: 5
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