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Segond fracture of the proximal tibia

  • The Segond fracture is an avulsion fracture involving the proximal tibia immediately distal to the lateral plateau. 
  • Described by Paul Segond in 1879, in cadaveric experiments
  • It is believed to be a cortical avulsion of the tibia at the site of insertion of the middle third of the lateral capsular ligament (LCL).
  • It has an association with tears of the anterior cruciate ligament (75%–100% of patients), meniscal tears (66%–75% of patients), damage to the structures of the posterolateral corner of the knee.

Further reading: 

Pathogenesis of the Segond Fracture: Anatomic and MR Imaging Evidence of an Iliotibial Tract or Anterior Oblique Band Avulsion Juliana C. CamposChristine B. ChungNittaya LektrakulRobert PedowitzDebra TrudellJoseph Yu, and Donald Resnick. Radiology 2001 219:2381-386 
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