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Meaning of success

There are many people who would define success in terms of money , power or fame. But the question remains to one's own self, have I made it large  so here is my attempt to define success:

Work: you may call yourself successful when while you are working you feel the joy and detachment from everything. I have seen great doctors, surgeons, teachers,artists at work. Kids think isn't too boring to be doing the same work again and again. But this is what the successful people do, they attain so much perfection in their work that when they are working they feel the divine joy of working towards perfection. Their each performance is an improvement over the last but the audience don't see minute adjustments. If when working you have your moments of divinity and you feel good after each day YOU are successful. Your legs will hurt and your body will be tired but heart will know the joy of work.

Love: if you experience moments in love where nothing else matters where it is not a deal and is unconditional you are successful. 

If you have both these joys in life "work" which feels like meditation and "love" which is unconditional you can call yourself successful, it is not about money not about power and not about fame, it's about how you live your life.

Amen !!
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1 comment:

Barbara said...

The money never give happiness, perhaps a short time offer some satisfactions when we spend money, but real satisfactions coming from spiritual level.

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