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Thinking out of the Box

We are all entrapped in a “box” created by our prejudices. These prejudices stem from family, school, peer group and mass media (now even social media). We learn what is wrong and what is right, and form our notions accordingly. These notions are initially soft and malleable and when we grow up sometimes we become rigid in our belief and that is the day when the walls of the “box” become solid. We are trapped.
Why is this important to know?
Because if we don’t learn to see beyond the “Box”, the world would not move forward. World moves forward by radical, revolutionary thoughts of researchers, entrepreneurs and people who disagree. However, most schools would teach students to become conformists and good students, good minds are trapped into believing that it is a perfect world and conforming is the way world would progress.
Teaching them that this is way it is has a big risk of trapping them into a “Box”.
Basic governing principle in nature is “change” and being static in a changing world would not help. We have to learn quickly to teach our children the skill of the rapidly changing, technologically evolving world.

Thinking out of the Box Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 Rating: 5

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Anonymous said...

Very aptly said Dr Sumer.

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