Here it was the final over of the match. Your team has a steep target to score. Bowler will throw his best balls at you. The opposing team will try the best strategy. You have worked real hard to reach so far in life. Your coach and family taught you all they know. But now, you are on your own. That's the moment of truth.
Champions perform better on the moment of truth. Just like the moment of truth for a champion football player is when he connects the ball and goes for the goal. That's what matters.
In the same way we all face such moments in life and how we perform in those is the key to where we reach in life.
Lets take competitive exams for an example. Many aspirants work hard. Their support system, teachers and family helps as much as they can. But in the end it is the exam day which matter. You have to come good when it matters. How many times have we heard, people around us say, they did this silly mistake or they could not mark it right on the day of exam. They messed up their moment of truth.
Champions relish such moments, they harness all they know, all their skills to the moment, they make the world come to a stand still for a moment, stadium goes silent, they calm the inner noise of uncertainty, and at the "moment of truth"connects the ball and stadium erupts ""GOAAAAAAAALLLL........"
That's all that matters