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They don't value my work: Paradox

This is most common update I see youngsters posting these days. Young doctors would post that public doesn't understand their contribution. There are groups which will post that that youngsters don't understand the value of parental contribution. The engineers seem to be complaining. Teachers feel students are not appreciative enough. And so on......
Here is my answer to it :
If you consider your work as a job you will link it to rewards and appreciation. Value of work was never supposed to be assessed by people's reaction to it. It was something that you do for YOURSELF.
It was supposed to be your passion, your calling. We all have a desire to feel like we matter and we we get this when you provide value to others. Strive to make a difference wherever you are. Create value for other.
Make sure you dont start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who dont value you.
It was never supposed to be dependent on their valuing your work.
It was always "Your call" and the call in itself is the reward.

They don't value my work: Paradox Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Sunday, April 24, 2016 Rating: 5

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