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Thought to Action Lag Time

I overheard someone talking about a very successful man and saying that he also had the same brilliant idea.
I interjected and said how much is an idea worth anyhow.
Many people get ideas, but only a few have the "drive " to convert thoughts to action. And out of those few, only few actually get all the ingredients like leadership , team building and timing correct.
People tend to overrate ideas. They are not worth that much until and unless you reduce the thought to action lag. That's what every winner does...
When I introspect:
That's my fear, that's my drive when I get an idea I get restless, I get sleepless and I want to put it to action before anyone else does and  want to be better than anyone else. That driven feeling recharges me and I feel most useful when I am possessed by an idea. I feel there is something about this which underlies all scientists, entrepreneurs and artists alike. They get restless with a thought and they want to convert into action.

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