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Wings of freedom

He was routine person, busy in life and family. He was taught to be the best in everything he does, he was always building something, home for family, office for work and relationships.  Every second of his life was precious. He believed in optimum utilization of his time. Time was money. He was connected with everyone with technology. Email and facebook were the first things he checked in the morning.  He loved parties. There was noise on road and all around. The moment things got silent he would pick up his phone and call someone. That was life, busy, connected, constructive and noisy.

Then one day it all ended.  He died.

He was a bird now :
Wait a minute, he died but yet he could feel he was still there, but his body felt strange. He was small, wait, he was reborn as a bird.  But the strange thing was he could still think like a human. He was the world’s first intelligent bird.

Silence :
Then he started to fly around, first thing he noticed was silence, he wanted his mobile phone. High above the sky, there was silence and there was no facebook status to update. He suffered just like when a  man addicted to a drug suffers from withdrawal. He wanted to shout. Days passed and he could gradually hear his own voice, someone he was escaping from all his ‘human’ days.  He met his own self for the first time in the silence of the clouds.

He wanted to know what time of the day it was, his time was always precious you see. Time is money. He searched for a clock tower and then he realized humans make clock towers so that birds can an idea of the time of the day. So obsessed he was with time, that he decided to stay near the clock tower.  Days passed, months passed and then one day time stopped mattering. He was finally free from the time prison.

Wants to build my home & save for future :
 Being a human mind, he wanted to make a home, what he can call his own. He was always collecting stuff to decorate. While other birds were all flying free.  He was always collecting stuff and food for future. He made a small collection of food items which he would use in times of emergency.  This was his insurance.   Then one day he stopped because…

Faith :
He realized he could fly high in sky because birds have faith. They can hear and enjoy their own voice. He could fly because now he had the faith that he cannot fall. He need not collect because there is plenty for everyone in nature. And if you enjoy the flight the time stops mattering.

Free at last: 
Finally he was really free from time, free from noise, free from the need to collect and with faith on his wings he could fly free. He was a free bird.

@ Sumer Sethi

Wings of freedom Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Saturday, January 03, 2015 Rating: 5

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