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Research and Indian Medical Students

Student Blog on BMJ by Dr Aditya Nanavati questions attitude of medical students in India towars research.  He writes,"I believe I speak for the average medical student in India when I say that the world of research publishing is something that we are overawed by." He further says," India has produced many great scientists and researchers in medicine. There is hardly any reason to be pessimistic. I believe that there is a need to raise the emphasis on teaching about research in medical schools."

Let me add: Somehow I believe medical students are not attracted towards this very important field because of many reasons including more emphasis on textbook study and lack of awareness of this field.  Challenging the known norms leads us to unknown, thats the beauty of research. But somehow we have not been able to create enough research opportunities for young Doctors in training in our country. More we encourage this, more drugs and innovations will come out of medical schools, and "Made in India" in healthcare can become a true reality rather than a slogan. 
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Anonymous said...

Also, med schools tend to view undergrads interested in research as free labour and assign them the most menial jobs guaranteed to drive them away.

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