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Radiology helps in understanding Alzheimer's disease

Researchers at Keck Medicine of USC used high-resolution imaging of the living human brain to show for the first time that the brain's protective blood barrier becomes leaky with age, starting at the hippocampus.

Key Point about the study: High-resolution MRI analysis of regional BBB permeability in the living human brain. BBB breakdown during normal aging begins in the hippocampus. Accelerated BBB breakdown in the hippocampus may contribute to cognitive impairment.

Article cited:
Montagne, A., Barnes, S. R., Sweeney, M. D., Halliday, M. R., Sagare, A. P., Zhao, Zlokovic, B. V. (2015). Blood-brain barrier breakdown in the aging human hippocampus. Neuron, 85, 1-7. Published online Jan. 21, 2015; doi:10.1016/j.neuron.2014.12.032
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