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Rapunzel Syndrome-CT

Bezoar is a tightly packed collection of undigested material that is unable to exit the stomach, Most bezoars are of indigestible organic matter such as hair-trichobezoars; or vegetable and fruit the – phytobezoars; or a combination of both but other rare substances has been also been described in literature. Trichobezoars, commonly occur in patients with psychiatric disturbances who chew and swallow their own hair. Only 50% will have history of trichophagia. Trichobezoars have been described in literature and they comprise 55% of all bezoars. In very rare cases the Rapunzel Syndrome hair extends through the pylorus into the small bowel causing symptom and sign of partial or complete gastric outlet obstruction. Rapunzel Syndrome is a rare form of trichobezoar. It is named after a tale written in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm about a young maiden, Rapunzel, with long hair who lowered her hair to the ground from a castle, which was a prison tower to permit her young prince to climb up to her window and rescue her.

Case submitted by Dr Rammohan Vadapalli, Senior Consultant Radiologist from Hyderabad.

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DrAyushGoel said...

Extremely rare intestinal condition in humans resulting from eating hair.
Seen in psychiatric patients.
The body of a trichobezoar (hairball) located in the stomach, and its tail in the small bowel and/or in the right colon.

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