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Human Touch in MRI Scanning

"  GE Healthcare has introduced the innovative Magnetic Resonance (MR) Patient Experience Suite, part of its healthymagination strategy to improve the quality of patient care. The suite aims to 'humanize' radiology by softening the clinical look, feel and sound of a traditional MR exam. The MR Patient Experience Suite was conceived by GE Global Design and was created by PDC Facilities, Inc., to reflect the award-winning themes of GE's w-series (wide bore) MR. The suite incorporates the 'caring hands' design philosophy of the Discovery* MR750w system, with lighting, interior decor, scenery and music or sounds that can be customized by the patient using his or her own portable media player. Light, form, color, materials and texture transform the exam environment from one that is cold and clinical to, for example, a home library and fireside"

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GE Healthcare 'Humanizes' Radiology Exams with MR Patient Experience Suite

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