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Non-ossifying Fibroma-Plain Film

Adolescent with pain after trauma  shows intramedullary lesion  consistent with Non ossifying fibroma

Teaching points by Dr MGK Murthy & Dr Sumer Sethi

Ø  30 to 40% of children above 2 yrs show in one (75%)or more (25%) bones
Ø  Usually lower extremities 90%
Ø  Etiology is not known, but could be developmental aberration at epiphysis or muscle pull with periosteal injury as it occurs only after 2 yrs

Ø  Geographic/well marginated/lytic/multilobulated, foamy, mildly expansile/metaphyseal/usually purely intramedullary/eccentric /sclerotic rim/with endosteal sclerosis lesion  on all modalities
Ø  Heal with replacement by normal bone
Ø  Pathological fracture is possible if involves more than 50% of bone diameter or more than 33mm in size
Ø  Associated with  Neurofibromatosis/Osggod-schlatter disease/osteochondritis patella and femur/perthes disease
Ø  Together with Fibrous cortical defect called Fibroxanthamata
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