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Too much to do, too little time-problem or paradox

People keep complaining about lack of time and they keep saying they are busy. At times I have seen people who say they are too busy even to talk on phone.
Well my dear friends it is never about time, it is always about priorities.
If you really want to do something you will somehow manage time. We all have ‘less and more time’ with us all the time, and we keep swinging between the two sides depending on our priorities. Why is this so important to know, because you might be spending your precious “time” on valueless things and if you don’t prioritize, you end up being busy with very little net output. This is what happens in exams, relationships, family and work.
Many people ask me how I manage my time, simple, I always work towards my broad instinct, gut feeling and keep checking myself about what I am doing, is it coherent to broad philosophy of my work. It is so easy to be attracted to more things, new ventures, I check them out but choose only those which fit in my priority and once I want to do something, I don’t procrastinate, I just do it.
Every once in while I meet people who blame lack of time for their failure and that makes me think, they are missing out on the most important asset management skill in the world-time management. Mantra for time management is simple- Understand what you want to do, prioritize, make decisions, and don’t procrastinate.
Procrastination makes easy things appear harder and impossible.
Learn the value of moment and seize your opportunity. Just go ahead and build your careers, your dreams. All of us have one thing in common: 24 hrs/day and each day, each moment has infinite potential provided you prioritize and do what you really want to do, need to do; that is the reason why some people are able to take out more out of their "24 hours"
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