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Planning versus Intuitiveness

All along my life, I have met people who plan for long years ahead, who have 5 year and 10 year goals and then there were people with not much plans, just some ideas and willingness to play.    If planning and crystal balling was everything, those people should have really well and in reality all they could plan was the next job, and next promotion.  Planners never actually touched many lives which is my definition of success.    To me key to success in life is intuitiveness, the ability to understand or know something without any direct evidence or reasoning process. Like your mothers know you're lying.  Same is said about software or mobile phones having intuitive interface.  Some people attribute intuitiveness to the power of subconscious or an act of faith. To me ability to know the unknown without actually going into the microdetails, ability to visualize the bigger picture even when the things are foggy is the key to success. It is humbling to know that people plan for best schools, colleges, and hope that their planning would make them or their children successful, but success, the naughty lady, prefers to go the few intuitive, non-conformist men who actually outrun planning by intuition. World is dynamic and it is always looking for favorable mutants. This cannot be done by planning, it can only be done by intuition.   This is the way of nature, and nature looks for non-conformists who fit in the environmental changes and that’s how Darwinian evolution also takes place.   .  Many people ask me how I planned my work, while I actually never planned anything, just went with the flow. 

Let’s not play to fit in, let’s play to be our true selves. Do what you actually believe, follow your heart, your gut feeling.... flow like a river who just knows where to go...

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