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Different "Worlds"

"World" has a different meaning for each one of us. We all live in our own worlds, with us in the the center and a circumference of people and "world" which matters to us. There are "other worlds" coexisting with our worlds and we fail to see them until they overlap with our world. You evolve when you are able to understand what it feels to be in "other worlds". This is the simple reason why people at the top of an organisation or a cohort sometimes fail to perceive what the other worlds actually are and usually the best leaders are who have risen the ranks from the bottom and their life has seen multiple worlds on the way.
Just for an example, we as Doctors see hospital in an entirely different perspective and if we ever go to the same hospital as a patient it is a different world altogether. You see places in the hospital which you never noticed and learn perspectives that you never knew. That's when you evolve as a Physician as a human being.
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