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Tissue Harmonic Imaging-Notes

Tissue harmonic imaging (THI) is a sonographic technique that can potentially provide images of higher quality than can conventional sonographic techniques.. Harmonics are frequcncies that occur at multiples of the fundamental or transmitted sonographic frequency. In conventional gray-scale sonography, the same frequency spectrum that is transmitted into the patient is subsequently received to produce the sonographic image.  In THI sonography, higher harmonic frequencies generated by propagation of the ultrasound beam through tissue are used to produce the sonogram .Imaging using harmonic frequencies offers several potential advantages, including improved lateral resolution, reduced side-lobe artifacts, and improved signal-to
noise ratio.
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DrAyushGoel said...

In present technology, 2nd harmonic (i.e 2 x transmited freq) is used for image display. This is because subsequent harmonics are of decreasing amplitudes.

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