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Role of Referring Physician in Radiology Learning

My professors in medical school could never teach me "real" radiology, i learnt it from referring physicians and pathologist interactions. I personally feel Clinical-Pathological-Radiology Meet should made mandatory for radiology training in each hospital. What are your views? Discussion on our facebook group
Radiologist 1-- Yes I personally endorse your views. This is d only way a radiologist will learn to clinch the right diagnosis

Radiologist 2-- mandatory is too much... you cannot know whats the situation everywhere-- in my college surgico-radio meet was like audit meet conducted by surgeons on radio dept- they never spoke anything useful for us-- all they do is screw surgery PGs and then turn to us - ask stupid questions such as what is minimum size of lyphmnode that USG can pick up ct can pick up and tell u didn't pick up or quote some publication hungry individual's article or come to the meet reading before day and ask radiology exam questions - (such as how will carcinoid enhance on CT) to radio pgs...

Radiologist 3  Yes we have conducted such clinico radiological meets on regular basis. But you see clinical presentation of the patient with other relevant investigations and post  follow up always pay tremendously. So these meets definitely proved fruitful. We as radiologist never been in direct contact with patient.

Sumer Sethi Actually some people think we are catering to patients, while actually role of radiologist is more to communicate with referring physician and these meets are must to understand their side of the story. We need to ask ourselves " have i solved the problem or not" ....

Radiologist 4 Unfortunately in clinical meets in medical school is a blame game with minimum teaching attitude. ..we have to follow the case in surgery in path and learn ourselves like ekalavya drona don't help much here also...many clinical people give follow up otherwise but when it comes to " meet" dont know what goes wrong

Radiologist 5 Yes this is exactly my thinking. There is too much communication gap between clinician and Radiologist it must be minimized for betterment of the Imaging Science.
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