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Posterior Ligamentous Injury

These are MRI images of 19year old after fall. MRI images show only minimal wedging of the marked vertebral body along with disruption of the interspinous ligaments posteriorly and ligamentum flava. The concept of three columns of support in the thoracic and lumbar spine is well accepted.  The anterior column consists of the anterior vertebral body, the anterior longitudinal ligament, and the anterior annulus fibrosus. The middle column comprises the posterior vertebral body, the posterior longitudinal ligament, and the posterior annulus fibrosus. Hyperextension can result in injury to the anterior column or to both the anterior and middle columns. The posterior column consists of the posterior elements of the spine, ligamentum flavum, interspinous ligaments, supraspinous ligaments, and facet joint capsules. Hyperflexion may result in injury to the middle and posterior columns.

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Unknown said...

That is a serious break in the posterior ligamentous. But with medicine where it is today she should be able to walk again.
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