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Kohler's Disease-Plain Film

Köhler disease (also spelled "Kohler") is a rare bone disorder of the foot found in children between six and nine years of age. The disease typically affects boys, but it can also affect girls. It was first described in 1908 by Alban Köhler (1874–1947), a German radiologist.

    - self limiting avasulcar necrosis of the navicular;
    - navicular is subjected to repetitive compressive forces during weight t bearing which may be a risk factor for AVN, also, navicular is last bone in foot to ossify & delayed ossification appears to make the navicular more vulnerable to compressive damage.

Interesting to note- In February 2010 the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the 19-year-old king Tutankhamun may well have died of complications from malaria combined with Kohler disease.
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