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Foot X-ray-Interpretation Series

An adult with history of pain in the base of 2nd toe with history of trauma . Resident-Professor Series by Dr MGK Murthy.

 1.What is it?
 There is a bony spur emanating from the lateral margin  of 1st metatarsal base

2.Is it  related to history of  present trauma ?
No it is not likely to be related to  the present trauma. Bony spurs occur in the foot very commonly as a result of chronic repetitive trauma of subclinical threshold variety or  as result of acute fracture healing.

3. Is there any other abnormality?
 I am not comfortable with flattened head of  2nd MT – one should immediately consider freibergs infarction. The os cuboidale is giving the impression of calcaneo-cuboid bridging .

4. Is it ?
 No it is not likely as the symptoms are not in that region and there is no increased density

5. Then what is it?
 It should be considered as anatomical variation or subtle biomechanical forces of the patients habitus which has led to remodeling of   the region.
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