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Glenoid Fracture- Teaching Points

Questions between Reporting doctor and Professor. Submitted by Dr MGK Murthy

What is this?
Answer- it is a fracture

Involves infraglenoid tubercle and axillary(lateral border)of scapula

What is the importance?
Triceps get origin from infraglenoid tubercle and teres muscles get attachment from the border

How is the joint ?
Gleno-humeral joint is maintained

What causes it?
Scapular neck fractures most frequently result from an anterior or posterior force applied to the shoulder. Glenoid rim fractures most often result from force transmitted along the humerus after a fall onto a flexed elbow. Stellate glenoid fractures usually follow a direct blow to the lateral shoulder

Types ?
Classification of glenoid cavity fractures: IA - Anterior rim fracture; IB - Posterior rim fracture; II - Fracture line through the glenoid fossa exiting at the lateral border of the scapula; III - Fracture line through the glenoid fossa exiting at the superior border of the scapula; IV - Fracture line through the glenoid fossa exiting at the medial border of the scapula; VA - Combination of types II and IV; VB - Combination of types III and IV; VC - Combination of types II, III, and IV; VI - Comminuted fracture

Which is this ?
It is possible type II

What next
MDCT with reconstructions

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