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Errors in Radiology

How often we have seen that showing a same chest xray or mammogram to two different radiologists will get us different results. Do they get counted as errors? Often somebody labels the bronchovascular markings as prominent while other will call it normal. Even PNS xrays sometimes, one radiologist will call sinus hazy and other will call it clear. Looking back at the medical college days where each report was double or triple read, junior resident-then registrar then-faculty. Probably makes some sense to have some kind of standard double reads in the process to increase accuracy and to cut down on ambiguity.  It is also often postulated that computer may play a significant role in future in pattern recognition and radiologists will superread the studies, this will increase the efficiency and reduce errors of missing a significant pathology.

What do you think of this? How you ever tried reporting same xray on two different days and found yourself writing different reports? Comments and suggestions are welcome.
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Lakshmi Gopal said...

Dear Dr Sethi,
I absolutely agree with you on this. I am an ex-journalist, a writer and editor. I write on medical concerns, news and health-related issues in
I would like to do an interview with you on a topic that is really hot and useful for the ordinary man on the streets in the discipline of radiology. Please send me a confirmation mail at
Regards and thanks
Lakshmi Gopal

MGK Murthy said...

yes . Medicine is too serious a subject to be left alone to the doctors . Our societal values prevented from questioning and being in charge of ones own disease process.DIS Ease = abnormal ease and one needs to get back to ease .At the most ones doctor can HELP YOU and he needs your help to help .Good let more journalists get in the topic and proabaly will make judicial help redundant . it is not Doctors VS society , it is Doc in the Society

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