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Avulsion Injury-Plain Film

An adolescent with athletic injury shows bony avulsion of anterior superior iliac spine –avulsion fracture. Most benign of bony injuries generally. Heals with conservative management in 4-6 weeks. Case submitted by Dr MGK Murthy

Teaching points
  • Avulsion fractures are common in appendicular skeleton with most occurring in the growing age due to athletic activity, and immature bony skeleton.
  • Anterior superior iliac spine- gives origin to Sartorius and tensor fascia lata.
  • Anterior inferior  iliac spine (just below the Superior spine)has two parts, upper gives origin to – origin to straight head of rectus femoris  and lower part give attachment to iliofemoral ligament and reaches to form the acetabular margin. 
  • Ischial tuberosity- gives origin to hamstrings(Biceps femoris, semitendinosis and semimembranosis)
  •   Greater tuberosity-attachement to hip rotators(piriformis, gemellus superior and inferior, obturator internus and externus , quadrates femoris)
  •   Lesser tuberosity-to iliopsoas

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