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Evolution of Radiology Learning

According to an article in Academic radiology, Vol. 14, No. 9. (September 2007), pp. 1113-1120-"Currently, residents prefer the Internet when researching a question, with Google as the Web site most commonly used. Case review or requisite books are more commonly used than are traditional textbooks. Radiology resident learning has rapidly shifted from traditional textbooks and journals to the Internet and short case review books."

Given the vast resources available on the internet these days and modern radiologists having so many tools at hand from smart phones, to ipads to notebooks.. this hardly is surprising.

Do you think text books will soon be thing of the past? Comments and opinions requested.

Evolution of Radiology Learning Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Monday, May 16, 2011 Rating: 5


Cat said...

I don't think text books will vanish. I love those case reviews and quizzes, but still I read through loads of text books for my last exam. Gives a better overview in my opinion and gets everything together. Quizzes and cases are for seeing more different pictures of one entity or for rarities. Just because you cannot recognize properly what you have not seen before.

Amir Fuad said...

I am radiologist in private practice in Malaysia but have worked as an acedemic radiologist for around 10 years before this.
In my opinion, the resources on the internet are really good to practice for film viva voce, and to get quick access to the latest journal articles and it does help the trainees in getting a firm grasp on their daily work. It even helps experienced radiologists.
Traditional textbooks are here to stay, at least for a while as they are comprehensive and cover all the basics.
Until the internet resources can match the breadth and depth that traditional textbook covers, these textbooks will continue to thrive.

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