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Entrepreneurship-Future of Radiology Practise in India

Question-Who owns the Radiology in India & who earns more from Radiology?

Brief overview of the structure of the radiology practise in India will reveal  that no more are the diagnostic centres predominately owned by Radiologists.   Did we notice more and more larger practise are owned by investors and some by clinicians themselves. Some of the practises have assessed their collections in past and showed that a significant percentage of their collection (please note it is Gross collection-NOT PROFIT) is spent in incentive for referring physicians. Surprisingly it is not the radiologist who earns maximum from radiology, it is the referring physician, followed by the investor. 

Until and unless younger radiologists understand this issue and look for more and more models of  service delivery which will get us back into the major stake holders position in this imaging business, there seem to be a problem. Teleradiology is probably one of them. Other possible methods include- managed radiology services, taking up outsourcing offers from hospitals etc. My personal recommendation to radiologists of future to do away with fixed pay model totally in India and don't be fooled by good pay packages which kind of divert us from entrepreurship. Any comments and opinions are welcome. 

Entrepreneurship-Future of Radiology Practise in India Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Friday, April 08, 2011 Rating: 5



Sir ,

I whole heartedly agree with your views. Its high time that we realise that the revenue that is generated from our hard work is mostly shared by center owners who are many times just investors or non practising rdaiologists.

I request all to read my comments in the forthcoming issue of the Indian Journal of Radiology about the Business of Radiology.

Dr Sandeep Jakhere

Sudheer said...

Investors make money more than workers. This much I have understood. What as a radiologist we need to be modest enough to accept this and make sincere efforts to able to graduate from this worker level and become a successful entrepreneur. To be able to do this there is a urgent need to address issues such as financial literacy, taking social initiatives and adequate support from banks etc.

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