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Bulk versus detail- New age radiology Dilemma

This new age of radiology in India is exciting, with many new modalities hitting the Indian radiology scene in a big way. More and more centres are now acquiring the 3Tesla MRI machine, cardiac CT is also catching up, PET- CT is now available in more places. There is also an upgradation in the quality and details provided in the MRI reports by radiologists and there is hint towards subspecialization need in almost every conference in India.

However, with all these developments academically the commercial angle involved cannot be ignored. Most of these machines have been installed by investors, venture funding agencies etc and their continous quest and desire for numbers. Academic radiologists on the other hand are looking for details, for example, we would love to have axial and sagittal CISS in knee for details on ligaments while my centre agencies want to do with routine sequences and see me as someone who is stopping them from getting the numbers. To give detailed reports require sometime and bosses love people who can just write off in one or two lines. Surely, bulk is going to be the dominant model in radiology imaging industry in India right now, are we sure that is the right way?

Have you faced this pressure of delivering bulk and compromising on details ever? All comments and inputs are welcome.

Bulk versus detail- New age radiology Dilemma Reviewed by Sumer Sethi on Thursday, April 21, 2011 Rating: 5

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MGK Murthy said...

it very simple
Life is all about receiving right quantity of material wealth, health and mental peace and Apply that to radiology and it becomes right quantity of workload(essential to keep the mind alert), brevity(like your ownblog), knowledge and managing the management
Best of luck for the Young Radiology community -it has never been better but eat only what can be digested
organisations need to get the mix of older and younger radiologists to get the numbers and speed going

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