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Possible Hazards of marrying a Radiologist

Well believe it or not this is an editorial article from a prestigious Radiology Journal. It is a must read for all Radiologists and possibly they can share it with their family too. A MUST READ....
Just ponder over a few points from this article first, if you want read the full article click here
Linda R. Mirvis, MLS

"I’ve explained that a technician takes the
X-rays and a radiologist interprets the studies. I’m never fully
convinced my audience gets the point, however"

"When watching
television or a movie with your radiological significant
other, are X-ray films always hung backward or upside-down?"

"Then there are those situations, such as on an airplane, when
the dreaded question is posed: “Is there a doctor on board?”
Our spouses face the age-old dilemma: Does a radiologist
count? Should they wait to see if a “clinical” physician steps
forward before they decide? Should they ask the flight attendant
if there is a multislice CT or state-of-the-art MR on board
before they commit to volunteering?"

"My husband will sometimes point out animals and inanimate
objects in clouds, which just look like, well, clouds to me. He
tells me that he often sees animals, people, etc. in stomach and
colon contents while reading CT scans."
And much more-FULL ARTICLE HERE-
Applied Radiology, December 2005. Volume: 34 Number: 12 December 2005
All Radiologists and possibly their spouses are welcome to comment and possibly share a story!!
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