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Handling a neonate for radiograph-needed or not needed?

Neonates do not need to be handled for radiographs.
Slade D, Harrison S, Morris S, Alfaham M, Davis P, Guildea Z, Tuthill D.
Department of Child Health, Llandough Hospital, Penarth, Cardiff CF64 4XX, UK.
The handling of sick neonates may have detrimental effects such as hypoxia or bradycardia. Such handling is inevitable due to the frequent need for practical procedures; however, minimising handling reduces these adverse events and may improve outcome. Radiography is one of the commonest procedures performed on neonates. Usually the infant is lifted and placed onto the radiographic cassette; however, modern incubators often incorporate a tray beneath the mattress in which the radiographic cassette can be placed without the need to disturb the infant. The under-tray method for taking radiographs may produce films of at least equivalent quality to the standard method. Since the standard method involves handling with potential desaturation and bradycardia, this technique should cease.
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