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Radiology quiz

radiological quiz of the week---

1. Cobalt 60 is:
A. Naturally occurring radioisotope
B. Artificial radioisotope
C. Product of plutonium
D. Product of uranium

2. Safest light used in darkroom in an X-ray department is:
A. Dull white
B. Blue
C. Green
D. Red

3. Honey comb appearance on X-ray is seen in all except:
A. Rheumatoid arthritis
B. Tuberous sclerosis
C. Histiocytosis X
D. Wegener’s granulomatosis

4. Vessels catheterized on carotid angiography are:
A. 2 external carotids and 2 vertebral
B. 2 internal carotids and 2 vertebral
C. 2 internal carotids and 1 vertebral
D. 2 external carotids and 1 vertebral

5. X-rays are formed when electrons hit:
A. Water
B. Anode
C. Radium source
D. None of the above

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